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mallicoat. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. at this hour, a helicopter is sweeping the hills until the east bay. police are searching for the gunman who opened fire on a park officer last night.
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investigators believe the attack is linked to an illegal pot growing operation. kristy seifkin reports. >> reporter: it's shocking to say the least because there's not much that really happens around here. >> reporter: around 7:00 last night a suspect fired at an officer with an assault rifle. the uninjured officer returned fire and then hunkered down in the brush until an armored police vehicle could rescue him. law enforcement searched for him until sundown but didn't find suspects or any injured park-goers. police believe the suspects fired at the officer because he stumbled across their illegal marijuana growing operation, something that's not unfamiliar to east bay regional parks police. >> a couple of years ago, a operation out there that we located where we have video of armed individuals that were
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guarding the grow. >> reporter: rancho laguna park is next to the watershed, a popular destination for dog recovers but last night's event have locals wondering if it's still safe to wander with pets. >> last night we were a little bit tighter maybe on home security than usual. my daughter is down from portland visiting. she was nervous. >> the reputation of moraga is that we're a very safe place to live. and so it's disturbing, of course. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, police uncovered a grow operation at las trampas regional park. alameda county law enforcement is working on search plans to hopefully find the suspects and the grow operation. officials advise residents to be careful outdoors n moraga, kristy seifkin, cbs 5. >> san francisco police are looking for a gunman who shot at a 40-year-old woman know
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north beach last night. the victim was walking home at 9:30 when she heard gunshots and realized she was shot in the back. police don't believe she was the intended target. she is expected to be okay. the family of giants fan bryan stow says he is stabilized after having more emergency surgery. there was a build-up of fluid around stow's brain yesterday. after doctors put in a drain, his heart rate dropped. they went back in and clamped the drain and his heart rate returned to normal and nurses say now he is more responsive. in the meantime, the two men charged in the dodgers stadium attack are now being investigated for assaults on three other giants fans. louie sanchez and marvin norwood of san bernardino county will be back in court for further arraignment next month. norwood's sick mother doesn't believe her son is behind the attack on stow. >> this is what bothers me. [ crying ] >> because of the compassion that he has, i feel it from him
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when he's around. you know, he makes me feel better and he calls at least twice a week. sanchez is charged with misdemeanor assault for other charges at the game. today president obama signed a book of condolences following a massacre in norway at the ambassador's residence. he said we are heartbroken by the tragic loss of so many people. as tina kraus reports, even the suspect's lawyer is struggling to put it into words. >> reporter: norwegians covered central oslo in a field of flowers to remember the 76 victims of last week's violent rampage. >> it's so terrible. it's so difficult to understand. >> reporter: even the lawyer defending confessed killer anders breivik says he can't comprehend the brutality of the crime. >> i don't understand it. it's very difficult to explain
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because he don't explain it in a reasonable way. i don't understand why. >> reporter: the lawyer says in all likelihood, his client is insane. but he says anders breivik may reject an insanity plea. breivik told his lawyer he used drugs to keep strong and awake during the killing spree. the norwegian has confessed to the mass murders saying he wanted to save europe from muslim immigration. >> he believes that he is in a war. and he believes that when you are in war, you can do things like that. >> reporter: the lawyer says he doesn't know breivik chose him. he is a member of the labor apparent the political group breivik targeted when he killed teenagers at utoya island. breivik says he was part of an anti-islamic network with two cells norway and more abroad. norwegian police are casting doubt on the claims saying they
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have searched for more explosives but have found nothing. tina kraus, cbs news. it is one of morocco's deadliest plane crashes in years. a state news agency says 78 people were killed when the c- 130 military transport plane slammed into a mountain in rough weather. three people survived the crash. the plane was carrying 16 members of the royal armed forces, 12 civilians and nine crewmembers. it went down near the town of guelmim in southern morocco. the death compromise is a week away and the white house has threatened to veto the house's latest measure. senate majority leader harry reid is pushing a plan to extend the debt limit through next year. john boehner is pushing ahead with a two-step plan that stresses a short-term increase in the debt limit.
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>> it's reasonable. it's responsible. it can pass the house and it can pass the senate. i hope the president will consider signing it into law. >> it includes no revenues. as house republicans insisted it must not. it holds harmless even the most wasteful of tax breaks and giveaways to big oil companies. >> the stakes are high. today the head of the international monetary fund said that a failure to raise the u.s. borrowing limit in time could damage the global economy. the postal service released a list of nearly 4,000 post offices that could be shut down. they include five in san francisco, two in oakland and one each in daly city, south san francisco and san jose. at each spot there will be efforts to set up services within local businesses nearby. it's all part of a downsizing as more customers use the internet for postal needs. as the number of people advertising by mail continues to go down, has year the agency lost 8 -- last year the agency lost $8 billion. they may be happy and now they are about to get healthier. >> mcdonald's happy meals will
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get a fruit and veggie makeover. anser hassan is live to explain. >> reporter: good morning. who knew that this little happy meal could cause such a big controversy. mcdonald's hopes that the plan changes that they have for the happy meal will have everyone happy. mcdonald's happy meals are becoming healthy meals. >> every time we went out they want go mcdonald's. always they have fruit and vegetables that's pretty good and that's perfect. >> reporter: mcdonald's the world's largest food chain has been under scrutiny for the nutritional quality of its food and how it markets to children tempting kids with toys to buy their products. the new changes are designed to address those concerns. the new meal comes with a sandwich and drink. what's different is they are adding a serving of fruits and vegetables and half the amount of fries. this new meal is to% fewer
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calories than the -- 20% fewer calories than the old one. >> they have more choices and that's healthy food. >> reporter: you're happy about that? >> yes. >> reporter: some say mcdonald's has to make the change as more people are conscious of what they eat and what they feed their kids. >> i think they have to do it to adapt to changing awareness of what's healthy and what's not. >> reporter: mcdonald's is receiving a lot of praise. michelle obama says it's a positive step towards slowing childhood obesity and supervisor eric mar in charge of the toy ban for the happy meal is pleased, as well. he said, "it's important that mcdonald's has acknowledged their role in fueling the obesity epidemic affecting kids." the new meals go into effect in september. >> thank you, anser hassan. the question, what do you eat first the apples or fries? >> or what don't you eat. >> reporter: the fries. >> eat the fries first. >> reporter: definitely the
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fries. >> thank you, anser hassan in san francisco. other stories making headlines around the bay area on this tuesday. a new report on the san mateo county jails finds that nearly three-quarters of inmates are sitting in overcrowded jails waiting for their day in court. that's well above the national figure of 61%. pretrial justice institute recommends that the county officials look at releasing more people ahead of time. and state officials have released a new documentary on the destructive power of the recent storms in santa cruz county including flooding and landslides. hope to to pressure the federal government declare the storms a major disaster. 20 counties had $51 million in damage in northern california. it came face to snout with an angry mama grizzly bear. >> bear jumped at me.
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i did what i felt was the smart thing to do. >> what a brave teen did to escape in a life-and-death decision. >> a little girl bitten by a shark. why the 6-year-old survivor says she is eager to get back in the water. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. sunshine now breaking out in most spots. we have some warmer weather on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm [ female announcer ] kraft cheese has more full length shreds in every bag. you'll see the difference. ♪ mmm transportation are down. right now the dow is down.... an east bay teen mixed results on wall street thus far. industrials, transportation, all down and the dow is down 50 and some change. they have an hour to hopefully correct it. stay tuned. an east bay teen is back in the lower 48 after coming face to face with an alaskan grizzly
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bear. 18-year-old victor martin was one of seven teens who were taking a backcountry course saturday when they surprised a mama bear and her cub. that bear clawed two of the teens and martin stepped in. >> bear jumped at me. did i what i felt was the smoothing to do and protected myself and i got away. it was terrifying. but prayer helps. prayer works. >> martin says he kicked the fire with skate. he got away with just an injured ankle and minor cuts. two others have more serious injuries but both are expected to be okay. a 6-year-old girl bitten by a shark is anxious to get back in the water. lucy was boogie boarding in water a foot and a half deep off north carolina's coast last week. she was attacked by a shark. it ripped into her calf and foot and tendon was torn but no
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major nerve damage. >> it bit my leg. it felt like stayed there. >> we love the north carolina coast. as soon as lucy is ready to go, we'll be back there. >> definitely. yeah. we can't stay away from the beach. >> her parents explained that the shark made a mistake so lucy says she will forgive the shark and doctors say that she is expected to make a full recovery. congressman david wu of oregon announced his resignation today. he has been under pressure in the house to step down because of a sex scandal. the 7-term democrat is accused of making unwanted sexual advances last fall toward a fundraiser's 18-year-old daughter. in a statement released by his office, wu said he cannot serve in congress while fighting the serious allegations. a burning man bummer why fans of the famous festival could be disappointed this year. >> and maybe it's better not hit snooze.
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how a bad night's sleep could be messing with your mind coming up. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lawrence. we're all getting a weather is lesson from lawrence. >> the fog is gone, it's looking good. enjoy your lunches, we'll see you later. we have some fog at the coast.
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but that's pulling back there. i think it's going to stay at the beaches. how about this guy? yeah, looking good over county tower. you have sunshine and you can see some fog out there in the distance but we are going to see more sunshine heading into the afternoon. but out toward the coastline, yup, the low clouds and fog going to be socked in there. that will keep temperatures cool out need beaches. right now 55 degrees in pacifica. but boy, just over the hill, you have 73 right now, sunshine in redwood city. 70 in livermore. 70 degrees in fremont. and 63 degrees a little breezy into oakland at this hour. still, you planning your day, we have plenty of sunshine in most spots this afternoon. temperatures warming up nicely. mid-70s even some mid-80s in the warmest spots inland. inside the bay you will see 60s out there, 70s toward the santa clara valley. and at the coast you will see more low clouds and fog and cool numbers in the 50s and 60s. low clouds and fog going to march onshore overnight tonight but we are looking at a better day tomorrow as high pressure builds in. got the trough that's been camped out along the west coast that's been pumping in the cool marine air. but that's going to be lifting to the north and as it does,
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our temperatures heat up. 97 degrees the expected high in fresno today, 68 yosemite, 77 lake tahoe, and it looks like some nice weather here locally as we'll see temperatures warming up nicely under sunny skies. 78 in san jose. 77 degrees in sunnyvale, cool at the beaches only 58 in daly city. east bay, the possibility of 80s inland. 82 livermore. 67 the high in oakland. north bay mostly sunny skies this afternoon, except at the coast. so overall niced whenned our way as high pressure will continue -- nice weather headed our way as high pressure will continue to build in. fog will be compress the to the surface thursday and friday meaning more sunshine at the coast. on the weekend, temperatures hot, maybe up into the mid-90s. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you. parents have more time to get their kids vaccinated for their upcoming school year. students will have 30 days
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after that school year begins to get whooping cough vaccinations under a bill just signed by governor brown. the measure affects students in grades 7 through 12. more than one million california students have not gotten the booster shot. a bad night of sleep can mess with your memory. not good news for us here. we get up at 3 a.m. it's trouble. that's the finding of a new study at stanford. researchers found when lab mice wore were rested, they were highly curious and investigated new objects in their cages. when their sleep was interrupted, they showed signs of memory loss. [ pause ] >> we are in deep trouble. a major bummer for burners who don't have their tickets for burning man. for the first time in 25 years, the counter-culture festival in the nevada desert is all sold out. organizers say ticket sales were cut off yesterday as they reached the 50,000 limit set by the u.s. bureau of land
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management. the festival's website warns if you don't have a ticket, don't show up because you're not going to get in. about 100 miles north of reno, looks like fun. what's a few thousand miles when you're in love? >> how a military couple dialed up their dream wedding. we'll tell you all about it. ,,,,,,,,
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three weeks and then they are gone. so if you see any, enjoy them. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> never heard of mango nectarines. who knew. coming up at 5:00, flown in the past few days? well, you may have money headed your way. >> plus, the summer camp that teaches bay area kids healthy home cooking. that and more tonight at 5:00. well, no wedding dress, no text seed doe, a military couple separated by thousands of miles dialed their way to matrimony. >> the bride is in placerville, the group in afghanistan. specialist randall blake is serving as a combat medic. but he and sarah brown decided they couldn't wait any longer to tie the knot. so they said their vows over the phone with sarah as the very romantic vital statistics -- -- at the very romantics
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vital statistics office. >> in sickness and in health? >> i do. >> i now pronounce you married. >> yeah. >> married? >> married. >> specialist blake will return in december to see his wife in person and the woman next to the bride is the mother of the groom and she was the power of attorney to make it happen. >> very good. guess the honeymoon is on hold. >> some kind of honeymoon in a few months. >> see you at 5:00. >> caption colorado, llc
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